Uses and Benefits of Sunrooms

Some sunrooms in San Diego serve as exercise rooms, others as offices or reading rooms, still others as craft rooms. Gardening enthusiasts find that sunrooms are wonderful for starting seedlings or growing tropical plants. Sunrooms are also ideal for businesses that would like to add space that can be used to entertain guests or to provide employees a pleasant location where they can relax and socialize. Construction costs often are less than costs for other types of additions. Also, the existence of a well-constructed sunroom often makes a home or business more marketable should there later be a need to sell. Contact us today to get started on your custom room additions in San Diego.

Simple Sunroom Ideas

One of the easiest ways to add a sunroom is to close in a porch, patio or deck. Doing so provides extra living space and a way to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors without being bothered by bugs. The installation of screened windows that can be opened to let in fresh air provides ambience. Skylights are another option to be installed by a remodeling contractor in San Diego.

Control of Heat Gain and Solar Rays in Sunrooms

The amount of solar heat gain and the effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays on the room's interior can be controlled. First, determine the best location for the room in relation to the sun's various positions throughout the seasons. Next, look at choices of thermal panes, window glazes and adjustable awnings as well as the use of window shades or curtains.

Choose the Right Contractor for the Job

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