Our Process

Step 1. Free Design Consultation

At Teknik, Inc. we understand that every job, and every client, is different. During our complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and wants for your new space and collaborate with you to make your dream a reality.

Step 2. Custom Designs

After our initial consultation, we’ll measure your space to create an accurate floor plan of your existing rooms, or a custom plan for new construction. Using that floor plan, one of our designers will create custom drawn designs for you to review. Once you’ve chosen your final design, we’ll put together a project plan that outlines everything included in your remodel or construction, as well as the cost.

Step 3. Detailed Plans

Teknik, Inc. will work directly with you to prepare detailed plans and ensure a smooth project outcome. Tile choices, cabinet styles, windows, flooring, appliances, and plumbing fixtures are just a few of the important decisions that we will help you with. We make these decisions before starting construction to keep your remodel or new construction project on track without delays.

Step 4. Project Management

During your remodel or new construction, one of our expert project managers will keep you informed on our progress, following the detailed plans set out in step three. Your project manager is available to you to offer support, address any questions and concerns, and to ensure your comfort and input throughout the entire process.

Step 5. Complete Project

At Teknik, Inc. our goal is to provide the best and most comfortable experience to our clients. Every part of your remodel or new construction is backed by our guarantee of quality, competence, and time management.

abstract sketch design of interior bedroom